Eventually,  I  discovered  that’s  exactly  what I  needed  to  do.

In  the  introduction  to  this  book,  I  revealed  that  I  «worship»  a

supreme  consciousness  that  is  the  ultimate  source  of  all  manifest

and  unmanifest  existence;  and  that  I  believe  the  ultimate  nature

of  this  super-existence  is  transcendently  Good-a  Good  so  all­

comprehensively  (and  incomprehensively)  infinite  that  there  can

be  no-thing  outside  of  itself-no  «opposite»  of  this  great  Good.

It  swallows  up  all  concepts  of  duality.  If  we  could  wave  a  magick

wand  and  strip  away  all  the  superstitious  absurdities  and  bigoted

nonsense  that  infect  most  of  the  world’s  spiritual  institutions,  we

would  discover  that  this  supreme  consciousness,  this  Great  G,  is

the  true «God»  of every  religion.

The Great G is  not the limited  or parochial totem  of any  partic­

ular  race  or  family  or  tribe  or  nation  or  culture  or  cult.  The  Great

G  is  too  big  to  be  the  purview  of  any  cult  or  philosophy.  In  fact,

the Great G  is  so  big  there  is  only  one  cosmic vessel  capable  of  ac­

commodating  its  more-than-absolute absoluteness. And that’s what

invocation  is all about -squeezing  the  Great G  into  the  only  place

in  its  own universe  where it can  fit-and that  one place  is  you.

One  would  think  that  it  shouldn’t  be  too  difficult  to  connect

with  the  Great  G.  After  all,  it  can  never  be  any where  other  than

completely  within you and  without you. There are, however, many

obstacles preventing you  from  waking up  to the  reality  that  you  al­

ready  are,  at  this  very  moment,  wallowing  eternally  in  the  infinite

wall-to-wall bliss of Great G  consciousness,  and  every  one of  those

obstacles  is  also  you! And that  too  is  what  invocation  is  all  about­

getting  all  the  phony  little  «yous»  out  of  the  way  in  order  to  make

elbow  room  for  the Great G.

…  And That’s What Invocation Is  All About!  II3

Unfortunately,  all  those  phony  little  yous  are  pretty  much  ev­

erything  you  mistakenly  think  you  are.  But  there  is  a  fast  and  ex­

tremely  effective  way to  burn  away  all the  phony little  yous and  by

doing  so  create  the  super-vacuum  needed  to  suck  in  the  glorious

inrush  of  the  Great  G.  It  is  a  two-part  magical  technique  is  as  old

as  human consciousness itself:

  • The first part of the  technique  is  the  act  of  falling  utterly,  ab­

solutely,  unwaveringly,  breathtakingly, helplessly, hopelessly,

physically,  mentally,  emotionally,  sexually,  in  love  with God;

  • The second part of the  secret  is  allowing  yourself to simulta­

neously receive  back the  same  measure of  love  from  God.

Like  audio  feedback  created  by  a  microphone  that  has  been

placed  too  close  to  the  speaker  of  an  amplifier,  this  simultaneous

giving  and  receiving  of  love  creates  an  ever-increasing  feedback  of

bliss  that  is  nothing  less  than  the  alternating electrical current  of

Great G consciousness-the current that  joyously creates ,  sustains,

and destroys the cosmos.

And  that’s  what invocation  is  all  about.

It  took  me  a  long  time  (over  thirty-five  years)  to  finally  come

to  this  realization.  It  came  through  the  magical agency  of  a  simple

ritual  which I  will now share  with you.














































Eventually, I discovered that’s exactly what I needed to do.
In the introduction to this book, I revealed that I «worship» a
supreme consciousness that is the ultimate source of all manifest
and unmanifest existence; and that I believe the ultimate nature
of this super-existence is transcendently Good-a Good so all­
comprehensively (and incomprehensively) infinite that there can
be no-thing outside of itself-no «opposite» of this great Good.
It swallows up all concepts of duality. If we could wave a magick
wand and strip away all the superstitious absurdities and bigoted
nonsense that infect most of the world’s spiritual institutions, we
would discover that this supreme consciousness, this Great G, is
the true «God» of every religion.
The Great G is not the limited or parochial totem of any partic­
ular race or family or tribe or nation or culture or cult. The Great
G is too big to be the purview of any cult or philosophy. In fact,
the Great G is so big there is only one cosmic vessel capable of ac­
commodating its more-than-absolute absoluteness. And that’s what
invocation is all about -squeezing the Great G into the only place
in its own universe where it can fit-and that one place is you.
One would think that it shouldn’t be too difficult to connect
with the Great G. After all, it can never be any where other than
completely within you and without you. There are, however, many
obstacles preventing you from waking up to the reality that you al­
ready are, at this very moment, wallowing eternally in the infinite
wall-to-wall bliss of Great G consciousness, and every one of those
obstacles is also you! And that too is what invocation is all about­
getting all the phony little «yous» out of the way in order to make
elbow room for the Great G.
… And That’s What Invocation Is All About! II3
Unfortunately, all those phony little yous are pretty much ev­
erything you mistakenly think you are. But there is a fast and ex­
tremely effective way to burn away all the phony little yous and by
doing so create the super-vacuum needed to suck in the glorious
inrush of the Great G. It is a two-part magical technique is as old
as human consciousness itself:
• The first part of the technique is the act of falling utterly, ab­
solutely, unwaveringly, breathtakingly, helplessly, hopelessly,
physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, in love with God;
• The second part of the secret is allowing yourself to simulta­
neously receive back the same measure of love from God.
Like audio feedback created by a microphone that has been
placed too close to the speaker of an amplifier, this simultaneous
giving and receiving of love creates an ever-increasing feedback of
bliss that is nothing less than the alternating electrical current of
Great G consciousness-the current that joyously creates , sustains,
and destroys the cosmos.
And that’s what invocation is all about.
It took me a long time (over thirty-five years) to finally come
to this realization. It came through the magical agency of a simple
ritual which I will now share with you.





The remaining cards of the Lesser  Arcana are  the thirty-six Small
Cards  (or  pips),  the  2s  through  lOs  of  each  of  the  four  suits.  The
Small  Cards  also  are  populated  by  a  rich  assortment  of  traditional
spirits,  angels,  and  demons,  many  of  which  are  arranged  in  neat
hierarchical  families  dictated  by  their  place  in  the  zodiac  and  the
zodiacal  year.
[Warning!  If  all  this  technical  Enochian  magick  talk  is  putting
you  to  sleep-Wake  up!  It’s  going  to  get  good!]
Each of  the  thirty-six  Small Cards represents  one  decan  (ten  de­
grees) of  the zodiac.  In  groups of  three:
•  The nine  Small Cards of  the  suit of  Wands naturally live  in
the  three fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo,  and  Sagittarius).
•  The nine  Cups live  in  the water signs  (Cancer,  Scorpio,
•  The nine Swords  live  in  the  air signs  (Libra,  Aquarius,
•  The nine Disks live  in  the  earth signs  (Capricorn, Taurus,

Starting  at  0  degrees  Aries,  these  thirty-six  Small  Cards  spread
themselves  in  perfect  2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10,  2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10,  2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10,  2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10,  order  through  the  zodiac  with
elegant  simplicity:
•  All  four  groups  of 2-3-4s inhabit  the  cardinal  signs of  the
zodiac  (Aries,  Cancer,  Libra,  and  Capricorn).
•  The four  sets  of  5-6-7  s  reside  in  the  fixed  signs  of  the  zodiac
(Leo,  Scorpio,  Aquarius,  and Taurus).
•  The four  sets  of  8-9-1  Os  find themselves neatly housed  in the
mutable  signs of  the  zodiac  (Sagittarius,  Pisces,  Gemini,  and

The thirty-six squares of the  Great Cross of each  Elemental Tab­
let  are  equivalent  to  the  thirty-six Small Cards (2-10)  or  each tarot
suit. The 2-3-4s  (the  cards  that  represent  the  30  degrees of  the  car­
dinal  signs  of the  zodiac)  are always positioned in the  left-hand  col­
umn  of  the  Great  Cross;  the  5-6-7s  (the  cards  that  represent  the
30  degrees  of  the  fixed signs of  the  zodiac)  are  always positioned  as
the  horizontal  row  of  the  Great  Cross;  and  the  8-9-10s  (the  cards
that  represent  the  30  degrees  of  the  mutable  signs  of  the  zodiac)  are
always  positioned  in  the  right  hand  column  of  the  Great  Cross.
The ordering of the  cards within their  respective  columns and  row,
however,  differ  between  the  four  Elemental Tablets.


The  Tablet  of  Union  is  sort  of  like  the  master  ruler  or  table  of
contents for  the four Elemental Tablets.  It is made up of only twenty
lettered  squares  (five  wide  by  four  high),  but  oh  what  squares  they
are,  for  those twenty  squares contain the  entire elemental enchilada.



Now  that  you  have  had  a  basic  introduction  the  Enochian  way
of  looking  at  the  elemental world, you’ll  understand  a  bit  more of
the  method to  the  magical madness I  was about to  embark  upon I  laid  the unopened deck of cards  upon the  Tablet  of Union like
it  was a  tiny  little  virgin on a  sacrificial  altar  and  performed  a  brief
baptism  ceremony  whereby  I  officially  named  the  deck  Tarot  o f
Ceremonial Magick.  I  opened  the  box  and  slid  out  the  little  white
book  and  the  sealed  deck.  With my  thumbnail,  I  broke  the  clear
plastic  hymen  and  took  out  the  cards.  They  smelled  wonderful!  I
separated  the  twenty-two  trumps  (greater  arcana15)  from  the  fifty­
six  cards  of  the  lesser  arcana.  16  I  would  start  by  charging  the  lesser
I  placed  each  Ace  in  the  center  of  its  natural  tablet  (the  Ace  of
Wands  on  the  Fire  tablet,  the  Ace  of  Cups  on  the  Water  tablet,
the Ace of  Swords  on  the Air tablet,  the Ace of  Disks on  the  Earth
tablet).  These  lettered  tablets,  which  contain  the  names  of  liter­
ally  thousands  of Enochian elemental  angels  and  spirits,  are  repro­
duced on the Aces of my deck.
I  then placed  the  sixteen  Court Cards upon the  appropriate sub­
angles  of  the  four  Elemental Tablets. These lettered subangles  with
their  specific  hierarchy of spirits  are  also  reproduced  in  colorful  de­
tail on the  Court Cards of the  deck.
Finally , I  arranged  the  thirty-six  Small  Cards  (nine  per  tablet)
on their  appropriate  squares  of  the  Grand Cross area of each  tablet.

These individual  squares  are  also  reproduced  on  the  Small  Cards of
the deck.
I  opened  the  temple  with  the  traditional four-part  Opening  by
Watchtower ceremony that was used by the  Golden Dawn, and then
systematically  activated  the  tablets  by  invoking  the  Three  Great Se­
cret  Names  of  God  and  the  seven  planetary  Seniors  of  each  tablet.
Then I  intoned,  in  turn,  the  first eighteen  Calls in  the Enochian an­
gelic  language.  Over the  years  I  had  intoned  the  Calls  many times,
but  never  all  at  once.  It  felt  very  strange,  and  put  me  in  an  altered
state  of consciousness  that  intensified  as  the  two-day-and-night  rit­
ual would proceed.
It was midnight by the  time  I  was through  activating  the  tablets.
I  went  to  bed  without  banishing  in  order  to  let  the  fifty-six cards
of  the  lesser  arcana  «fry»  all  night  upon  the  fully  activated  Eno­
chian  Tablets.  In  the  morning  (Saturday),  before  getting  back  to
magick,  I  outlined  the  rest  of  the  marathon  ceremony  in  my jour­
nal.  There  was  still  a  lot  of  Enochian  work  ahead  of  me.  For  each
of  the  sixteen Court Cards,  I  had  to  call  upon  the  three major  an­
gels  (two  God Names and  Kerub  of  the  Calvary  Crosses)  and  four
minor  angels  (the  four  servitors  of  each  subangle).  As  the  tablets
were  already  activated  from  the  night  before,  this  took  less  than
ninety minutes.
After  that,  the  ceremonies  turned  classically Qabalistic.  I  called
into  the  thirty-six Small Cards  (the  2s-10s of each suit)  the  seventy­
two  Angels  of  the  Shemhamphorash,  whose  names  appear  on  the
cards. This took  more time  than  I  imagined.  I  had to first lay  out the
cards,  then  intone,  in  order,  each  angel  name  and  recite  the  Psalm
that  tradition  holds  is  expressive  of  the  duties  assigned  to  each  par­
ticular  angel.  (Oh those  Qabalists do  love  their  Psalms!)
Next, I  turned  my attention to evoking into the  cards the seventy­
two  spirits  of  the  Goetia  whose  names  and  sigils  appear  in  pairs
on  each  of  the  thirty-six  Small  Cards.  The  spirits  of  the  Goetia  are traditionally categorized  as  fallen  angels  and  can  be  a  pretty  rough
bunch. It’s  not  that  they’re  evil per  se-just blind,  unbalanced forces
that  do  the  heavy  lifting  in  the  universe. Like heavy  machinery ,  they
can be  dangerous  to  the  untrained  operator ,  and  very  helpful  to  the
experienced  (or  lucky).  These  critters  are  divided  into  thirty-six  day
spirits and thirty-six night spirits,  so  naturally , I  would have to  evoke
thirty-six in the daytime and  thirty-six  at  night.
It  was  nearly noon  on  Saturday  when  I  started  the  evocation
of  the  day  spirits.  I  first  cast  the  circle  and  triangle  that  would  be
necessary for  that kind of operation. As each of  the  thirty-six  Small
Cards plays  host to  one  day  spirit  and  one  night  spirit,  I  spread  all
thirty-six  cards  in  the  Triangle  together  (a  tight  fit)  and  evoked,
charged,  and  dismissed  the  thirty-six  day  spirits  in  turn  without
having  to  leave  the  circle.  My  charge  was the  same  for  each  spirit:
«You  will be  helpful,  obedient,  and  protective  to  me and  everyone
who uses this  card  and  its  replicas.»
Even with this  highly  abbreviated  procedure,  it  took  nearly four
hours.  I  broke  twice  for  coffee  and  bathroom  breaks  and  finished
with the  evocation  of  the day spirits  just before  sunset.
I  found  ripe  avocados,  corn  chips,  and  cheese  in  the  house,  so
I  made  a  demonically  huge  mess  in  the  kitchen then gorged  on
nachos  and  guacamole  (the  fast-food  favorite  of  California  magi­
cians  whose  wives  are  out  of  town).  Sated,  and  a  little  sick  to  my
stomach,  I  turned  on  a  tape ofRespighi’s Pines of  Rome and  took  a
long  early-evening  nap.
I  got  up  and  showered  about  11  :00  p.m.  and  repeated  the  pro­
cedure  for  the  thirty-six  night  spirits.  I  finished  about  four  o’ clock
Sunday morning.  By then  I  was in  such  a  state of  wild-eyed  exalta­
tion  and  exhaustion  that  those  last thirty-six  spirits  were the  most
polite  and  cooperative  beasties  I  have  ever  conjured.  Still,  I  barely
had  enough  energy  to  put  the  cards  back  in  their  box  and  banish
the temple  before I  crashed.

After  a  crazy  night  of  the  most  bizarre  and  amusing  dreams,  I
lounged  around  late  Sunday  morning,  then  drove  to  the  deli  and
treated  myself to  a  fresh  onion  bagel  before  forcing  myself back  to
work.  I  was getting really tired  of doing  magick.
The  twenty-two  Trumps  would  be  the  last  cards  to  get  the  full
treatment.  I  sat  on  the  living  room  floor  with  Aleister  Crowley’s
77717 and  a chart listing  the  traditional  archangels,  angels,  and  qli­
photic  demons  of  the  signs  of  the  zodiac,  and  surrounded  myself
in  a  magical  circle  made  entirely  of  tarot  cards.  I  placed  the  three
elemental Trumps  (Fool  Hanged  Man,  and  Aeon) nearest me in  the
center.  Around  these,  I  placed  the  seven  planetary  Trumps  (Ma­
gus,  Priestess,  Empress,  Fortune,  Tower,  Sun,  and  Universe).  Circling
the  planets  I  spread  out  the  twelve  zodiacal  trumps  (Emperor,  Hi­
erophant,  Lovers,  Lust,  Hermit, justice,  Death, Art,  Devil  Star,  and
Moon) all in  a  great  circle  surrounding  me and  the  other Trumps.
Around that  circle I  laid  out the thirty-six Small Cards in  a huge
circle  that  required  me  to  move  some  more  furniture  just  to  fit
it  on  the  floor.  Each  of  the  Small  Cards  represents  10  degrees  of
the zodiacal  year,  so  I  placed them  in  order starting with  the  2  of
Wands  (O  to  10  degrees  Aries)  in  the nine  o’ clock  position  and
moving counterclockwise,  finally  ending  with the  10  of  Cups  (20
to 30 degrees  Pisces).
Finally , I  positioned  the Aces and  Court Cards outside the  great
outer  circle  according  to  the  quarters  they  rule.  Then  I  carefully
tiptoed  into  the  very  center  of  my  tarot  mandala  and  began  my
final magical chore.
Using  the  tables  from  777,  I  lumbered  through  my  butchered
Hebrew  pronunciation  of  the  appropriate  divine  names,  archan­
gels,  angels,  spirits,  and  intelligences  for  each  element,  planet,  and
zodiac  sign.  It  was  really  … really  boring!-so  boring  that  it  actually  induced  a  state  of  consciousness  that  I  can  only  describe  as
a  dull  rhythmic  electric  ecstasy.  (Could  fatigue  and  boredom ac­
tually  be  the  key  to  Qabalistic  illumination?  Constance  certainly
thinks  so!)
When  I  was  done,  I  just  sat  there  and  buzzed  like  I’ve  never
buzzed  before.  And  so  did  the  cards.  I  was  physically drained,
emotionally  gratified,  psychically  raw,  and  more than  a  bit  insane.
Even though I was completely sick  of performing magick, I had an
epiphany concerning  the  nature  of  magick-the realization  that
the  only  thing  a  magician  can  effect  change  upon  is  the  mag
Yes,  the  cards  got  charged-but  not  because  I  charged  them  but
because  I charged  myselfwith that crazy  two-day  ritual.
By five o’clock Sunday afternoon,  nearly forty-eight hours after I
began,  it  was over. With tingling fingers I reordered the  cards,  gave
them  a big kiss  (at  the time,  I still  wasn’t sure where my lips  ended
and  the rest  of the  universe began),  and returned the  charged cards
to  their  box.  I mustered  the  energy  to  banish  the  temple  with the
Greater  Rituals of the  Pentagram  and  Hexagram,  and  then  moved
the  furniture  back  into  place . I  took  a  long  shower  and  dressed.
I  rewarded  myself  with  a  trip  to  my  favorite  Mexican  restaurant
where  I ordered  nearly  everything  on  the  menu and  got  good  and
So  there  it  is.  You’d  be  right  to  point  out  that  it  seems  like  a
damned silly  thing for  a grown man to  do  with his weekend alone,
and  perhaps you would be right.
Am  I  happy  with  the  way  it  worked?  Well  … yes.  Of  course  I
am. The cards have gotten great reviews and magicians and tarotists
all  around  the  world  have  told  me  wonderful  and  magical  things
they’ve  done  with the  cards  (and  wonderful  and  magical things  the
cards  have done to  them).  That’s exactly what I wanted to  happen.
After  fifteen  years,  two  printings,  and  twenty  thousand  decks
sold  worldwide,  I’ve  recently  changed  publishers  and  it  looks like

the deck will be around for  a long time.  I have to confess,  however,
that  I  wish I had  done  one more little  thing  during  my forty-eight
hours  of  magical  madness.  I  wish  I’d  done  some  magick  to  make
the damned things sell better.